We Will Not Be Silenced!

The New Year has scarcely begun, and already the effort to silence entire segments of the American population has reached greater heights than ever before. 

Last week, Twitter permanently banned President Trump from its platform. Facebook has banned him from its platform until he leaves office. 

But that was only the beginning. Seemingly in response to these actions, more than 200,000 new users flocked to Parler, a Twitter-like platform that advertises itself as a haven for free speech. 

Google and Apple both removed Parler from their app stores, claiming that the action was a result of Parler’s lax moderation protocols. 

Next, Amazon Web Services cut Parler off from its web hosting services, forcing it to find a new host… or shut down completely. 

For several years, the Right to Life League has heard horror stories from colleagues at other pro-life organizations about shadow-banning, rejected advertisements, and limited reach on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

We have experienced this censorship ourselves: Facebook has removed our ability to advertise altogether. 

But pro-life advocates do not despair in the face of shameless discrimination. Instead, we persevere! 

It’s not easy, but we do win some of our battles! For instance, an Oregon college recently settled with Students for Life, agreeing to remove its unconstitutional speech zones, and the prior-permission requirement for these zones, both of which were used to silence students. 

We cannot allow the truth about the inherent dignity of every human life to be stifled. We must continue fighting to make ourselves heard!