Truth about Abortion to Gen-Z Pro-Choice Women from a Pro-Life Peer

Truth about Abortion to Gen-Z Pro-Choice Women from a Pro-Life Peer

Pro-life messages can be a wild card.

There are a lot of things pro-lifers want to say to pro-choicers.  Sometimes they are informative. Sometimes they are argumentative.  Sometimes they are just desperate.  But at the end of the day, there is one thing I would like to say that very rarely gets said:

I love you.

I’m an eighteen-year-old woman, and I am pro-life.  For that viewpoint, some will attack me as illogical and accuse me of hating women.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I want to tell my fellow young women the truth about abortion, because I love them.

The idea that abortion is good or necessary is one of the biggest lies that society perpetrates.  It is brutal to both woman and child.  It ends a baby’s life. It traumatizes women.  It causes cancer, PTSD, and mental health problems, and can even kill through complications.  According to a 2020 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 30% of women who have had abortions experience PTSD and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Moreover, the same study found that Major Depressive Disorder occurs in 5-10 percent of these women.

Abortion destroys the dignity of life and encourages women to regularly degrade their sexuality through irresponsible sexual behavior. It empowers sexual predators and human traffickers.  Abortion also tempts us to let men casually use us as sexual objects, promising us a false sense of security as we risk our health and future happiness for their pleasure.  Abortion persuades us that we are not strong or capable enough to carry a child to term, much less parent that child.  None of these things is good for women.

To love is to will the good of another person, according to Thomas Aquinas. If I want what is best for my fellow women, why would I, knowing the truth, withhold it from them?  Why would I face persecution, discrimination, hatred, and the loss of friendships, if it were not so important to save lives and protect women from the pain of abortion?  I cannot both love women and simultaneously encourage or even permit abortion.

I am pro-life, because I want what is best for you, sisters.  Standing outside abortion clinics, I have spoken to patients going in and seen firsthand the conflicted pain radiating from women in crisis.  By speaking with my friends who have had abortions, I know about the physical, emotional, and mental anguish it caused them.

Three years ago, I met a young woman who was so distraught by the pro-life signs my friends and I held above a freeway pass that she came up to talk with us.  She was crying because she had lived our “Planned Parenthood Hurts Women” message.  Her abortions were traumatizing, especially because she was coerced by family and her boyfriend to get them.  Listening to her story, we prayed for her and offered what resources we could. I will never forget what she went through.

I do not want anyone to endure the personal hell that abortion brings.  They deserve better. You deserve better.  I want the best life for us all.

I want abortion to end because I love you.

Sophia Treece

Sophia Treece is a pro-life Los Angeles native passionate about saving babies and helping women create the best lives for themselves and their children. She currently attends college in Southern California and makes music in her spare time.