Here are ten pro-life points pro-aborts just cannot answer.

#1  *It* is NOT “just a Clump of Cells.” It is a Human Being.

Fact: Life begins at conception. From the moment of conception, there are two unique bodies, each with its own unique human DNA, both growing and developing.  In fact, all living things are just “clumps of cells” in various stages of development.


#2  Abortion is NOT health care. Delivery is.

That’s a euphemism designed to prop up the narrative that killing a baby in the womb is “health care.” Killing is the opposite of health care.

Abortion is NOT medically necessary to save the mother’s life.

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains why “you never need abortion to save a woman’s life.” Delivering mothers from life-threatening pregnancies safely ends pregnancy, saves the mother’s life, and gives the baby a chance to live, too. Delivery is faster than abortion, which can take days, especially later in pregnancy.

Myth: Abortion should be legal because back-alley abortions are more dangerous. 

Women die from legal abortions all the time. Delivery – especially in cases of late term complications – is a much safer option than abortion. All states allow medical procedures to save the mother’s life throughout all stages of pregnancy. Intentionally killing the baby is unnecessary.

#3  My Body, My Choice?  Nope. Follow the science. 

Ultrasound shows the baby is a separate person, not a part of *your* body. 

Slave owners argued that they could own and kill slaves because they were subhuman property, dependent on their masters for life. A child is not property, it’s a person.

Myth:  If it is dependent on the woman’s body for life, it is not a separate person.  Truth: Dependency is temporary. Development is what matters.

Dependency does not define what a human is and cannot justify extermination at any stage of development. Newborns, two year olds, children, college students, employees, patients in hospitals, and elderly persons in assisted living all are dependent on parents, offspring, doctors or caregivers. That doesn’t mean we can kill them.


#4 “I’m personally Pro-Life but I support a woman’s right to choose” is a lame justification of Abortion. 

People say “I’m personally pro-life but I don’t want to force my views on others.”  That’s ducking the issue. And it is absolute hypocrisy. That’s like saying I’m personally “anti-rape” but I don’t want to impose my sexual preference on another person.  Or slavery is not my business. Or human trafficking is not my business. Illogical moral relativism doesn’t work.

#5 There is no such thing as an unwanted child.

Myth: More “unwanted” children will burden society.

In America there are about 36 families eagerly hoping to adopt for each child who is placed for adoption. More than 81 million Americans have considered adopting a child at one time in their lives. There is even a national hotline 1-800-ADOPTION.

Don’t fall for the political distraction Blame Game.  Pro-aborts will argue “don’t tell me about ‘protecting the innocent’ when pro-lifers block welfare attempts to feed and house underserved communities.”  Federal and state governments fund welfare, WIC, and housing options for underserved women and children. In addition to public benefits, privately funded non-profits offer free food, shelter, supplies, employment training and other support services to mothers and their babies. Call us to connect: 626.398.6100.

Too often government funds the quick fix of abortion instead of providing long-term solutions to support mothers in crisis.   Government funding in California is decidedly one sided, funding abortion exclusively.

#6 Overpopulation is a Myth. We need more people.

Myth: Abortion saves the earth from overpopulation and famine. 

Fertility rates are in significant decline around the planet. Global depopulation is already occurring. The U.S. fertility rate is already below replacement.  The world currently produces enough food to feed 10 billion people – and there are fewer than 8 billion people on the planet today.

People do not burden society. They build society. Humans innovate to create solutions, including current innovations that can increase the global food output to feed almost 16 billion people.


#7 Abortion does NOT solve Rape or Incest. 

Rape and incest are tragic, illegal and immoral.  Abortion does not console victims and does not punish perpetrators.  But 98% of abortions do NOT involve rape or incest. Invoking the injustice of rape or incest is an emotional distraction from the humanity of the unborn victim.

Abortion unjustly targets an innocent person who wasn’t even there. Just like the victim of rape or incest, the unborn baby is an innocent, living human being who deserves protection. Adoption can provide a positive, life-giving avenue to heal the emotional trauma.

#8 Abortion does NOT improve the Quality of Life. 

Claiming abortion improves quality of life devalues motherhood and demeans women as incapable. Women can have babies and fulfilling careers at the same time.  Poor single mothers have raised phenomenal kids who have turned out to be senators, neuroscientists, rock stars, and even professional soccer players. 

Tyrants, slave owners, eugenicists, and mass murderers throughout history have justified cruelty, slavery, crimes against humanity and extermination by saying some lives are more valuable than others. Abortion is racist, targeting people of color.

White supremacist Margaret Sanger was a social Darwinist and racist eugenicist who wanted to reduce black and brown populations. So, she pitched her “Negro Project” to impoverished women of color.

The South complained that freeing the slaves was an economic hardship too.  Didn’t make slavery right then. Doesn’t make abortion right now.

#9  No one is “better off dead.”

Myth: Abortion prevents suffering from poverty or challenging circumstances such as special needs. This is a form of selfish projection.  Assigning value to human life based on hypothetical assumptions is completely illogical.  This kind of illogic justifies eugenics, racism, sexism, and ableism as mercy killings. Who knows? They might grow up to cure cancer.  Many children born into desperate poverty have gone on to live wonderful lives. What gives you the right to choose someone else’s fate.

The fact is most women who seek abortions do so because they are desperate financially and feel that they have no other choice. We have the resources to help mothers instead of killing their babies.


#10 “No uterus: No Voice!” is a sexist way to silence men. 

It takes TWO people to create a baby. Men cannot force women to give birth or to have abortions. Yet, today’s radical abortion laws are sexist, unilaterally empowering mothers to kill fathers’ babies. That’s not fair.

Don’t men have Reproductive Rights, too?

Who benefits MOST from abortion? Men and the abortion industry. Abortion excuses men from supporting both the mother and child.  The abortion industry profits from the chemical and surgical procedures and from selling aborted babies’ body parts. Follow the money.


IMAGE CREDIT:  Image of ten week old fetus by Dr. Suparna Sinha and used in accordance with Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.