The Truth About Chemical Abortion

Back in the day, the “Pill” referred to contraception. Nowadays, there’s a new pill that induces abortions. Elizabeth Nash, state director for the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion group, claims the abortion pill, aka chemical abortion, is “safe and effective and can be easily provided through telehealth.” That’s a lie.

Here are some facts:

Chemical abortion is not safe for women. DIY abortion exposes women to the deadly risks of the abortion pill without informed consent. The ease of telehealth prescriptions allows minors, abusers, and sexual predators to obtain this lethal drug and administer it without ramifications.

“It’s absolutely outrageous that the abortion industry–which claims to be all about women’s health–is pushing for wider and less regulated use of the abortion pill,” says Susan S. Arnall, the Right to Life League’s Director of Outreach and Engagement.

“When it is effective, the abortion pill results in the death of a baby in the womb. And chemical abortion may also take the life of the mother as well or leave her with long-lasting health and fertility problems. There is no health benefit to chemical abortion, and the abortion industry needs to stop lying to the public and claiming that there is.”