The Time Has Come to SHOUT Our Truth!

This year, let’s resolve to do away with the silent majority!
This year, let’s resolve to use our voices–and to make ourselves heard!
The pro-life movement faces so many challenges in the public arena. It often seems as though our legislative and judicial branches are set against us; with a new president’s administration poised to begin, it may be that the executive branch will be set against us, too.
Social media platforms deny our efforts to advertise, and use rank censorship to limit the reach of our message. News outlets misrepresent our work, and wildly misrepresent the truth about abortion.
And this isn’t only in our own state, our own country–it’s happening the world over. Last week, the Argentinian Senate passed a bill allowing abortion up to 14 weeks–despite a recent poll showing that a whopping 60% of the nation were against legalizing abortion, and only 27% were in favor of it.
Join with us in our efforts to speak out for life this year!