The Drama of Holy Week

It happened on Good Friday — pro-aborts attacked our 40 Days for Life volunteers outside Pasadena’s Planned Parenthood.

They threw raw eggs at the group, hitting one on the back.

Here’s what our volunteers faced during the 40 Days for Life campaign:

  • a troubled patient came out of Planned Parenthood, grabbed a sign away from our volunteer and poked him in the stomach with a wooden stake, threatening to stab him
  • someone staked a knife in the grass parkway as a warning
  • another person stole more than 15 of our pro-life signs
  • people yell or scream obscenities daily.

The reaction from the pro-aborts is proof that what we do threatens their business. We know that the 40 Days for Life campaign SAVED LIVES.

More success in Holy Week.

In the last week of Lent, a woman came to one of our affiliate pregnancy clinics. She was in her 40s and had already had two abortions.

She canceled her first appointment, but the nurse manager got her into the clinic on Holy Thursday.

Staff confirmed she was pregnant — and supported her in deciding to keep her baby.

This is why the Right to Life League does what it does. We take the ridicule and attacks because our work saves innocent lives.

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Theresa Brennan

President and Executive Director of The Right to Life League, corporate litigation attorney, mother of 5, and third generation pro-life warrior.