The Abortion Pill Hurts Women

Not so long ago, in order to receive the chemical abortion pill, a woman had to visit her doctor. The required in-person doctor visit was a safeguard to ensure that she was early enough in her pregnancy to make chemical abortion a relatively safe option for her.

In April, the Biden Administration lifted that safeguard on chemical abortion. Today, no medical oversight is required. Women and girls of any age–or gestation–can now get the abortion pill . . . online. Yes, online.

Why is this dangerous for women’s health? Watch this video:


“Thanks to the Biden Administration, these DIY chemical abortions are the 21st century version of ‘back alley abortions.’ They endanger women’s health,” says Susan S. Arnall, Esq., Director of Outreach and Engagement for the Right to Life League.

The Truth of Botched Chemical Abortions: If a woman is too far along, the first series of pills, designed to kill the baby in utero, won’t work because the baby is too mature to be affected. But the second series of pills, designed to send women into labor, will either endanger the woman’s own life, because she is unable to pass the baby; or will cause the woman to deliver a living, breathing premature baby that she didn’t want.

Because the chemical abortion option is available online, away from physical abortion locations, pro-life clinics and centers must reach women via the internet before they and their babies become victims of the chemical abortion pill.

You can help make that happen by donating to the League. We are helping clinics and centers get the 21st century online marketing tools they need to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies. Thank you for prayers and financial support.