Statement on the Women’s Health Protection Act

The Women’s Health Protection Act is not about women’s health. It is about the federal government mandating abortion in all 50 states.

Over the last 20 years, many states including Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, have passed pro-life laws to stop the killing of babies in the womb. The states have been preparing for the day Roe v. Wade is struck down as unconstitutional and the abortion issue is sent back to the states – so that the will of the people of America can be heard and carried out. This federal bill would override states laws and destroy 20 years of pro-life legislation. And that is the real point.

This Women’s Health Protection Act is a clear attempt to moot the Supreme Court’s upcoming review of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which could result in overturning Roe v. Wade. The high court is set to hear the Dobbs case this fall. The Mississippi law seeks to make abortion illegal once the baby can feel pain. According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, the latest scientific evidence indicates that babies in the womb experience pain as early as 12 weeks’ gestation. Another law, the Texas Heartbeat law, would make abortion illegal once a baby’s heartbeat is detected at around six weeks’ gestation. 

The WHPA is a radical bill that violates America’s conscience and our Constitution.  Americans did not compromise on the issue of slavery. We fought a Civil War to end it.  Americans did not compromise with the Nazis during WWII. We defeated them.  Americans did not compromise with racist segregation policies and KKK terrorism. We passed the 1964 Civil Rights Law to stop them.  Today, Americans must once again reject the same goals of eugenics, population control and racism – all thinly veiled by the euphemism “women’s health” – to defeat this bill and protect babies in the womb.  This is a human rights issue.

The Women’s Health Protection Act is a blatant attempt at federal overreach and domination of states’ laws. It intends to eviscerate the will of millions of American voters across the country who have voted time and again to protect the unborn and to restrict abortion. Congresswoman Judy Chu, Representative of California’s 27th District, is reintroducing Sen. Blumenthal’s failed legislation from 2019.  It is being reintroduced by a California representative because Los Angeles is the heart of the abortion movement. This federal bill overrides the will of the American people to mandate death through abortion and force health care companies to pay for it.


–Susan S. Arnall, Esq. Right to Life League, Director of Outreach and Engagement