Shame on Bayer

Bayer is known for its over-the-counter and prescription medications, which help people manage symptoms and treat disease.
Its tagline is “Bayer: Science for a Better Life.”
The company views its mission as “improving the lives of millions of people.”
So it’s beyond ironic that Bayer recently published a press release that spotlights $80,000 in grant money given to Planned Parenthood.
“Bayer and the humanitarian organization Direct Relief today announced a new grant program designed to help address financial and educational barriers to contraceptives, enabling women to make powerful decisions about their families and their futures with the help of their healthcare providers,” the press release kicks off.
In the very next paragraph, grant recipients are referred to as “health clinics.”
The grants are part of a larger Bayer initiative called “We’re for Her.”
The irony is absolutely incredible.
How can Bayer categorize Planned Parenthood as a health clinic, when it killed nearly 350,000 babies in 2019 alone?
How can Bayer declare “we’re for her,” when it’s giving $80,000 in grants to an organization that kills female babies daily?
How can Bayer stand behind its slogan, “Science for a Better Life,” when giving money to an organization that claims unborn babies are nothing but a “clump of cells?”
If you agree that Bayer’s grants go against everything it claims to stand for, let them know! Contact the company here.