RTLL’s Legislative Advocacy Pays Off

The Right to Life League’s legislative advocacy has paid off in big dividends. In part because of our testimony, the California state legislature has changed a bill that had targeted prayer warriors protesting outside abortion clinics!

RTLL Director of Outreach and Engagement Susan Arnall, together with League representative Pamela Vera, testified in opposition to California’s Assembly Bill 1356. Pro-Life San Francisco made a video about our impact. Click here to watch Pro-Life San Francisco’s video featuring League’s passionate testimony which Pamela gave.

“One of our concerns was that the bill would criminalize these peaceful pro-life protestors for filming and publicizing assaults committed against them in broad daylight and in the public square–simply because of where they occurred,” Arnall explains.

After Arnall and Vera testified before the Assembly Committee, the author changed the language of the bill to require proof that anyone charged had a specific intent to intimidate a person entering the clinic.

“That’s a higher legal standard, making it more difficult to target pro-life protestors,” points out Arnall, an attorney.