Right to Life League on ABC News

Last Wednesday, on the very day that the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in Dobbs v. JWHO–a case that has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade–the League’s Board Chairman, John Hinterlong, was interviewed by ABC 7 News reporter Christiane Cordero for a segment on the oral arguments and reactions to the case.
In the news segment, Hinterlong was able to articulate the Right to Life League’s stance beautifully.
“Any woman has a right to pursue her own destiny in any way, but not at the expense of somebody else’s,” he said.
He was the first interviewee to be quoted in the news segment. Although the United Nations itself defines human rights as including the right to life and liberty, and declares that declares that “everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination,” the best counterpoint KABC could muster to John Hinterlong’s comments came from a Texas high school senior who made headlines when she used her valedictory speech to attack the Texas Heartbeat Law.
Hinterlong went on to describe the many services the Right to Life League provides to member pregnancy centers, pregnancy clinics, and maternity homes.

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Theresa Brennan

President and Executive Director of The Right to Life League, corporate litigation attorney, mother of 5, and third generation pro-life warrior.