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If you are a woman in need of crisis pregnancy services, a referral to a medical clinic where you can obtain an ultrasound, or a referral to a shelter or maternity home, you’ve come to the right place. If you are recovering from an abortion and need someone to talk to, you’ve come to the right place. And if you have a heart for pro-life work and are seeking a way to become more involved, you’ve come to the right place.

Pregnancy clinics: To apply to become a member of the Right to Life League, click here and download the application form. After you complete it, please save and email to


Maternity homes: To apply to become a member of the West Coast Maternity Home Association, click here and download the application form. After you complete it, please save and email to




Service to our affiliated pro-life pregnancy medical clinics, resource centers, and counseling centers is at the heart of the Right to Life League of Southern California. We support our affiliates with a variety of programs and services. Among these are educational workshops that facilitate their work with pregnant women in need and administrative services that free up staff and resources to focus on their mission.


Founded in 1984, the League’s post-abortion healing program comprises a network of specially trained clergy, spiritual directors, and therapists who provide compassionate one-on-one care to those who are struggling with the aftermath of abortion. This program is designed to provide confidential and skilled help to each individual who approaches it.


This outreach program is open to anyone who is struggling after an abortion loss. It is able to help women and men, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and others whose lives have been impacted by an abortion loss.


The post-abortion healing program is a sensitive, private and confidential experience. It represents a means for you to receive the healing grace of God as well as forgiveness for abortion. It allows you, in a caring and hopeful context, to move toward reconciliation—with yourself, your unborn child, your family, your church and your God.


Interested in learning more? Call 626-398-6100 or click here.


The West Coast Maternity Home Association is a program of the Right to Life League created to support and strengthen residential maternity and transitional homes for women and children through the sharing of ideas, information and resources. We connect a network of maternity and transitional homes for pregnant women and their children to support these pro-life entities.


For over 20 years, WCMHA has supported organizations that provide shelter and resources to women choosing life for their children. The association has also proven vital in sharing best practices, which helps alleviate time and effort spent “reinventing the wheel.” The quarterly meetings are open to persons or organizations looking to open a facility serving pregnant women, as well as transitional facilities serving women and children.


Do you have a gift for intercessory prayer and feel led to pray for our work? Sign up to be one of our prayer warriors! Once a month you’ll receive an email with special prayer intentions to include in your prayers. Email to join our ranks!


Through partnerships and collaborations, we work to create unity among prolife organizations that share our mission to preserve the dignity of human life.


We offer administrative and training services to medical clinics and centers—and we assist in founding new centers, and in transitioning counseling centers to medical clinics. Our RN consultant works with pro-life pregnancy clinics to help them ensure that they are compliant with state and federal regulations so they can confidently continue their life-saving work. Interested in learning more? Email