Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby, Pro-Life!

We all know there is plenty of proposed and pending legislation that supports abortion and euphemizes “reproductive rights.”
Today we’d like to tell you about a bill that strives to help pregnant women who are scared of the future, fearful for their babies’ welfare, and in need of a helping hand.
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) has been working on the Care for Her Act, which would make caring for a pregnant woman and meeting her needs the centerpiece of public policy.
This bill, which Fortenberry intends to introduce soon, has four basic provisions:
  1. It would make unborn children eligible for the child tax credit. Under current law, that means every expectant mother would get $3,600.
  2. It would establish a federal-state partnership that assesses and catalogues all available resources and programs for which an expectant mother is eligible.
  3. It would provide federal grants for the advancement of housing, job training, and educational opportunities for pregnant women.
  4. It would provide incentives to improve maternal health and child health outcomes.
“A cornerstone principle of civilization is the protection of human dignity. None of the other values we hold dear makes any sense unless we fix our gaze on that ultimate value,” Fortenberry said in a recent interview.
“We need to ask ourselves: Are we big enough and generous enough to assure that a woman and her unborn child are supported?”
“It is a rarity–at the federal and the state level–for proposed legislation to focus on how to help pregnant women in ways other than facilitating abortion,” says Right to Life League Director of Community and Engagement Susan Arnall.
“We are 100 percent behind the Care for Her Act–and we urge all League supporters to throw their support behind this legislation, too.”
Contact your Congressional Representatives and invite them to be a part of a community of care that supports pregnant women through their life-giving journey. Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121, or find your representatives at to send an email.