Pledge to Counter Abortion Violence

During our 40 Days for Life campaign, pro-aborts yelled and screamed obscenities. A man brandished a knife. Someone stole many of our signs. A Planned Parenthood client jabbed a prayer warrior in the belly. Yet another threw raw eggs.

But these threats, assaults, and theft pale in comparison to the Biden administration’s support for abortion.

Biden rescinded the Mexico City Policy which had blocked federal funding for abortion in other countries.

This week, Biden lifted restrictions on dispensing abortion pills by mail during the pandemic, reversing a Trump administration policy that the Supreme Court backed in January.

And just yesterday Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule change to Title X that will help organizations that refer for abortion gain access to the federal family planning program.

The abortion industry does not have to fundraise. It gets federal funding and help from government.

We must fundraise to fight for unborn babies’ right to life. This Easter season, become a RTLL LifeSaver.

Our pledge drive is your opportunity to give a monthly gift to support our life-saving programs and services, including

RTLL affiliate pregnancy clinics
West Coast Maternity Homes Assn
Life Action Team
Pasadena Sidewalk Counseling
After the Loss (post-abortion healing)

and so much more.

Your gift of $20, $10, even $5 a month can make a tremendous difference in our ability to SAVE LIVES.

Click here to set up your monthly pledge today.