Opinion: Happy “Non”-iversary of Roe v. Wade

Opinion: Happy “Non”-iversary of Roe v. Wade

On January 22nd, 1973, a great collective cry of lamentation went up from all corners of this nation.  Fifty years ago, Americans mourned the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, imposing a tortured justification for abortion guaranteed by a nebulous federal “right to privacy.” 

This year, on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s announcement, the tables have turned. In June of 2022, the Supreme Court corrected its error, overturning Roe v. Wade.  This year pro-aborts are lamenting the inability to celebrate 50 years of federal abortion rights.  

And pro-life Americans are marching and cheering the end of Roe. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and a vindication of pro-life perseverance in the face of evil.

The Pro-abort Backlash

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, pro-abort forces are activating across multiple fronts.

Pro-abort domestic terrorist groups like Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us have vandalized over 100 pro-life crisis centers across the nation.  Although federal legislators passed a resolution condemning the wave of attacks on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, almost half of the member of the House of Representatives refused to condemn the violence. 

Radical pro-abort legislatures in California, Michigan and Vermont have successfully bolstered their state constitutions to include a right to “reproductive freedom.”  No one knows exactly what the “right” encompasses or how it may change abortion laws in those states until courts weigh in.  

Even the major media seems to join the abortion cabal by engaging in spin, trumpeting pro-abortion protests while downplaying pro-life data and perspective. 

Consequently, many pro-lifers may believe we are outnumbered, that we are the minority opinion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pro-life is steadily winning on both local and national levels. 

Life is Winning – By the Numbers

So, where are we today?  

  • Seven-in-10 U.S. adults favor restrictions on abortion. That includes 52% of Democrats. 
  • 71% of Americans support legal limits on abortion 
  • A majority of Americans — 54% — oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. 
  • 81% of Americans believe laws can protect both the mother and her unborn child.
  • The newly elected House of Representatives passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act requiring abortionists to seek medical care for infants who are born alive during an abortion procedure.
  • 46 states have restrictions of one sort or another on abortion:
    • 13 states have near total bans on all abortions;
    • Another 11 states have bans on abortions that vary based on gestational age;
    • Still another set of 11 states limit the use of state funding for abortion;
    • Laws in 11 states, including California, limit abortion past “viability.”
  • Only four states have no limits whatsoever on abortion.


On this glorious Sunday, thank God for the victory against the death-mongers and then go celebrate Roe’s Non-iversary with great cheer. Pro-life is the majority. And we are winning.  

Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.