New Video Shows the Truth of PP Business Practices

The Center for Medical Progress has released a new video, and–even for those of us familiar with Planned Parenthood’s abhorrent business practices–it’s a shocker.
The video includes unsealed deposition testimony from Planned Parenthood executives and others in the abortion industry, testifying that:
  • Babies are sometimes born alive after attempted abortions
  • Babies born alive after botched abortions receive no care from clinic staff
  • Emergency medical services are not always summoned for babies born alive after botched abortions
  • These babies are left to die so that their organs can be harvested and sold
  • Sometimes organs are harvested while the babies are still alive
Last month, the Small Business Administration demanded 37 Planned Parenthood affiliates return $80 million in federal relief loans they fraudulently certified they were eligible for, and 27 Senators called on Attorney General Bill Barr to broaden the U.S. Department of Justice investigation of the Planned Parenthood affiliates’ activities. Last week, 67 Congressmen wrote to the Department of Justice demanding an update on the DOJ’s follow-up on Congressional criminal referrals for Planned Parenthood and their business partners.
“These activities—harvesting organs from living human beings, turning a profit from harvesting the organs of aborted babies—are clearly criminal, and yet our justice system seems reluctant to prosecute Planned Parenthood,” says Right to Life League Director of Outreach and Engagement Susan Arnall.