The Life-Saving Power of Pregnancy Centers

The Life-Saving Power of Pregnancy Centers

Earlier this week, the Charlotte Lozier Institute released a report presenting key findings from 2,600 U.S. pregnancy help centers affiliated with one or more of the three major national networks—Heartbeat International, Care Net, and NIFLA—as well as other parent pregnancy center organizations.

The 80-page report, “A Half Century of Hope, A Legacy of Life and Love: Pregnancy Center Service Report, Third Edition” celebrates 50 years of service and examines how the movement has evolved.

Some 45 years after the ruling in the landmark case Roe v. Wade, the toll taken by surgical and chemical abortion in the United States exceeds 60 million lives, not to mention the millions of women and men deeply wounded and adversely affected by abortion experiences. It is estimated that one in four women will have an abortion by the age of 45. Lost in this number is the double harm to women, as sex selection abortion bears witness to the fact that the bearers of children, women, are those whose existence is being disproportionately targeted in many countries.

Striving tirelessly to reverse this tide, pregnancy help centers have dramatically expanded across the country, numbering an estimated 2,750 currently, providing hope to millions of Americans who have found their doors. Lives have been saved and changed for the better. Children have been welcomed and spared despite difficult circumstances and apparent lack of resources. Center outreach has now grown to include a vast array of services at no cost to clients. Hope has been rekindled as centers shine beacons of light everywhere they locate.

In fact, at pregnancy centers, we bear witness to miracles every day—as it turns out, nearly 2 million times each year—because of dedicated volunteers and generous supporters who feel called to make a difference in people’s lives.

Pregnancy centers have grown into a global movement and remain “a testimony to love in action.” This report highlights the tremendous service contributions of pregnancy centers, several of the incredible life stories in which they have played a significant role,
the numerous ways in which centers enhance maternal, women’s, and child health, and their massive contributions to family and community well-being in the United States.

We know the passion that goes into the work of the pregnancy help movement each day. This reports breaks down the numerous ways that communities benefit from the variety of services provided by each organization. We wanted to share its findings and celebrate with you the amazing results we are seeing within the movement.

Theresa Brennan

President and Executive Director of The Right to Life League, corporate litigation attorney, mother of 5, and third generation pro-life warrior.