Future of Abortion Cartel wants California to Cancel Pro-Life and Push Abortion

Future of Abortion Cartel wants California to Cancel Pro-Life and Push Abortion

The Future of Abortion Council (the “Abortion Cartel”) just issued its Christmas wish list for 2023, hailing “California’s commitment to being a Reproductive Freedom State,” and demanding even more money and laws to push abortion.

What is Reproductive Freedom?


Prop 1 is the California state constitutional amendment that creates a new, undefined fundamental state right to “reproductive freedom”.  Passed by the state legislature and approved by almost two thirds of voters in 2022, the Reproductive Freedom amendment bars all state “interference” on whatever courts decide “reproductive freedom” means. Prop 1 will entrench California’s already expansive abortion laws summarized below, allowing late-term abortions and even infanticide (AB 2223).

The passage of Prop 1 may obliterate parental rights to protect children from sexual exploitation, molestation, and genital mutilation. Prop 1’s vague language will empower judicial interpretation to create a brave new world of reproductive freedom, potentially stripping away parental rights to protect children from sexual abuse, overriding old-fashioned notions about morality, including prohibitions on incest, polygamy, rape, and pedophilia, possibly even requiring state-funded surrogacy, and gender transition surgeries at all ages.

California’s Abortion Apocalypse


In addition to Prop 1, many new California abortion expansion laws will take effect on January 1st, funding abortion tourism, abortion scholarships (AB 1918), more abortion “access” (SB 1245, AB 2320), a reproductive “justice” task force, (AB 2586) abortion grants and reproductive health “equity” (AB 2134), and creating a new protected class of state civil rights (SB 532) for  “reproductive health care decisionmaking”.  That means that being pro-choice is now a new, protected employment category, opening the door to employment discrimination suits for refusal to hire pro-aborts.  Theoretically, this law should cut both ways, enabling suits for employment discrimination on the basis of pro-life beliefs.

What more does the Future of Abortion Cartel Want?


After all of this, the Abortion Cartel is still not satisfied. This group of 40 abortion providers in California is advancing even more pro-abortion bills targeting education in schools, silencing pro-life pregnancy clinics, and demanding more funding to promote more abortion (NOT pregnancy or adoption). Here’s what the Abortion Cartel wants in 2023:

  • CANCEL Pro-Life crisis pregnancy centers trying to change hearts and minds of abortion-minded women:
    • Use taxes to weaponize state propaganda to smear pro-life centers as deceptive, misleading & harmful;
    • Fund opposition research to thwart pro-life messaging;
    • Ensure the state website advertises abortion providers but not the 180 pro-life alternatives or adoption;
    • Allocate the $20M in state funds to non-profits providing abortion access (not pro-life clinics or centers).
  • Indoctrinate Children in School – Fund comprehensive sex health education about abortion.
  • Force school children to participate in core surveys on sexual and reproductive health, which is code for gender transitioning  and abortions.
  • Force insurance companies to cover medical malpractice for gender transitions and botched abortions:
    • Puberty blocking hormones and gender mutilation surgeries permanently sterilize children;  
    • The chemical abortion pills cause a significant number of injuries and deaths: “Significant morbidity and mortality have occurred following the use of mifepristone as an abortifacient. ” These dangerous drugs are being given out with no pregnancy verification or due date verification resulting in babies being born alive and mothers dying after using mifepristone as an abortifacient.
  • Hide information about abortion providers to prevent the public from knowing.
  • Thwart enforcement of other states’ laws banning abortion: 
    • Use geofencing and keyword searched to block data;
    • Block criminal or 3d party civil actions from other states;
    • Protect abortionists’ property from out-of-state judgments.
  • Include chemical abortions drugs as pharmacy benefits without any prior authorization required.
  • Reimburse Medi-Cal for chemical abortions past 70 days gestation (they have a study that claims chemical abortions past 70 days are “safe” and effective” despite the fact that babies are born alive following chemical abortions).
  • More taxpayer money to promote abortion through Medi-Cal.

The Abortion Cartel uses euphemisms to rebrand the barbaric chemical abortions that slowly starve preborn babies in the womb by driving the mother of progesterone and inducing premature labor as “medical” abortions.  Similarly, FAB has sanitized surgical abortions where preborns are ripped apart alive in the womb, crushed and sucked into a sink as “aspiration” abortions.

These grizzly surgical abortions are waning in favor of the booming chemical abortion trade, recently deregulated by the Biden Administration. The Guttmacher Institute, the data arm of Planned Parenthood, acknowledges that chemical abortions comprise more than half of all abortions.

Ironically, the Abortion Cartel is losing market share to these DIY mail-order chemical abortions.  Planned Parenthood has already begun shifting its business model to encourage children to get puberty blocking drugs and the very lucrative gender mutilation “craze”.



Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.