Facilitating Miracles

She had absolutely everything going for her.

Just one semester away from graduating with her pre-med degree, Amy was looking at a bright and successful future. Her family was loving and supportive, and her Christian faith was a huge part of her life—she was even one of the ministry leaders for a campus group.

And then she found out she was pregnant.

All of a sudden, Amy questioned the very faith that had shaped her whole life. Would her parents turn away from her, knowing that she had not abided by the church’s teachings about sexuality?

And an even bigger question: could abortion keep its promise of wiping away this mistake, giving her a fresh start?

She was so concerned about her reputation, her family’s reaction, and her future, that she actually began to wonder if abortion might not really be so bad… If abortion could really be the answer to her problem.

Then she remembered an sign she had seen for a local pregnancy clinic. Free pregnancy tests, free ultrasound, a helpful and supportive attitude: it was everything she needed right now. And yet she could vividly remember when she first saw the ad: her reaction then had been, “How scared would I be if I were in a position to need this organization’s services?”

Amy was too upset to actually make the call herself, so her boyfriend dialed and left a message saying the two of them were on their way.

The clinic wasn’t actually open when they showed up at its doors–but it just so happened that the executive director had stopped by to do a little paperwork. She immediately welcomed Amy and her boyfriend.

A pregnancy test confirmed that the two of them were indeed expecting a baby. An ultrasound showed them the young life growing inside Amy. And the executive director spoke to the couple about the resources available to them.

Still scared, Amy nevertheless felt as though her feet were back on the ground. She recognized the truth about God’s plan for her baby—and for her—and that there was only one choice left for her to make: choosing life for her unborn child.

Our affiliate pregnancy clinics and centers facilitate miracles every day—but in Amy’s case, the providential presence of the executive director was a miracle of major proportions! Her presence, just when she was needed, saved a baby’s life—and Amy’s faith.

And it’s the support of our monthly pledge donors that makes miracles like this possible. The Right to Life League works with our affiliate pregnancy clinics all across Southern California to provide the best quality care to their clients–and, amidst the challenges presented by California regulations and legislation to stay in compliance.

The Right to Life League’s monthly donors are the backbone of our programs and services. The year-round, recurring revenue we receive from these dedicated supporters allows us to live out, and expand, our life-saving mission.

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