Proposition 1 will change our state constitution to say: “The state shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions….” 

Not only will Prop 1 entrench California’s already expansive abortion laws, allowing late-term abortions and even infanticide, it will bar our government from limiting any REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM.  

What is the meaning of this “reproductive freedom?” There is none. Courts have never defined the term. The legislature has never defined the term. SHOCKINGLY, the language of the Proposition itself does not define the term. Read the League’s earlier article here.  No one knows. Even pro-abort experts admit they do not know what this vague, overbroad language will do. Watch the Youtube video.

Prop 1 is about MUCH MORE than abortion. By declaring “reproductive freedom” to be a fundamental individual right regardless of age, Prop 1 can strip away parental rights to protect children from sexual abuse, including surgical and medical gender transitions. Here’s how: 

Prop 1 uses the undefined term “reproductive freedom.” That is deliberate. It sounds nice – who doesn’t want “freedom” to reproduce?  The language suggests that families and women will have more “reproductive freedom” to have children. But Prop 1 does not define the term and does not include any restriction based on age.  In fact, it actually prevents all state “interference” on whatever courts will decide “reproductive freedom” means. 

Consider the realities of the modern world we live in: We are replacing the term pedophilia with “minor-attracted persons.” Will Prop 1 protect the reproductive freedom of “minor-attracted persons” at the expense of our children? 

Existing state health laws currently restrict sexual activity based on age and family relationships. Will Prop 1 end state prohibitions on incest and polygamy in the name of individual reproductive freedom?  

What about state health regulations designed to protect minors and women from dangerous medical procedures including sterilization? If Prop 1 passes, will California be able to regulate or oversee surrogacy or egg and sperm sales and other forms of Assisted Reproductive Therapies (“ART”) regardless of age, regardless of safety? 

Think this sounds alarmist?  California just passed SB 107 which allows THE STATE to take custody of minors who travel to California for “gender-affirming” medical care.

If a child in California or another state runs away from home seeking access to medical gender transitioning—or if a child is brought to California for this purpose by any adult (TRAFFICKED!) — SB 107 empowers the state of California to take custody of the child away from his or her parents. Under this new law, the state will give the CHILD puberty-blocking hormones even irreversible surgeries without the parents’ knowledge or consent. 

This completely vague and undefined “constitutional right to reproductive freedom” is actually an existential threat to parental rights to protect families and children.  It is a corporate takeover of our constitution sponsored by abortion providers whose business model now includes transgender services.

Prop 1 goes much further than abortion to include transgender services. Prop 1 is the most explicit and radical assault on parental rights that our nation has ever seen.

And who is really behind the scenes benefitting from this? Well, Planned Parenthood is making millions. In 2015, Planned Parenthood offered transitioning services in 16 states at 65 locations. Now, they offer these services in 41 states at more than 200 locations – and 35,000 people, including young children, nationwide.

And let’s be clear. Prop 1 is not a referendum on abortion. That has already been decided. The California supreme court already declared abortion a fundamental right years ago and, by statute, there is already a de facto unlimited right to abortion in our state. Proponents have included abortion in Prop 1 following the overturn of Roe v. Wade in order to distract voters from the vast scope of what Prop 1 may do if it is passed.

Prop 1, which grants a “corporate sponsored,” undefined constitutional right to reproductive freedom risking parental rights and the lives and health of our children. It is an existential threat to California parents and their children.

Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.