AB 2223, a bill authored by California State Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, and co-sponsored and endorsed by pro-abort organizations throughout the state including Planned Parenthood, will protect anyone who kills a human baby born alive on two conditions: 1) mom is okay with that “pregnancy outcome”; and 2) the baby’s death is attributable to “causes that occurred in utero” as determined by the abortionist or assistants. 


AB 2223 truly is a Baby Slayer Bill. 

Here’s how it works.

The Baby Slayer Bill will block prosecution of mothers for any and all “pregnancy losses” they consent to, regardless of how the baby is “lost.” (NOTE 1)

Because the Baby Slayer Bill includes the term “perinatal,” it extends the time to kill babies past birth. Perinatal, by definition, means after birth. If, as Buffy suggests, there is no intent to extend protection for those who fail to assist babies that suvive abortion, then why include the term “perinatal?”

California law states that the perinatal period goes from birth until at least the first 28 days of life, or more. So long as mom consents, and so long as a doctor points to “causes that occurred in utero” for the death of a baby under a month old, AB 2223 will act to cover up why the baby died.

AB 2223 also protects the Baby Slayers.  

The Baby Slayer Bill doesn’t just protect mothers from investigation. It all protects the Baby Slayers themselves. Under AB 2223 Section 7(b), anyone who aids or assists the mother in effecting her choice of death as the preferred “pregnancy outcome” is protected from investigation. That includes not only abortionists. The Baby Slayer protection shields anyone who helps mom bring about “death” as her pregnancy outcome – so long as the cause can be vaguely labeled “in utero.”

Shockingly, the Baby Slayer Bill prevents investigation of “perinatal death due to causes that occurred in utero” without defining what that phrase means.  It effectively gives carte blanche to abortionists or anyone who assists a mother in choosing her “pregnancy outcome” even after a baby is born alive and breathing. 

No one will ask how the pregnancy was “lost” because investigating the cause of the baby’s death after birth violates the mother’s right of privacy under AB 2223. And violation of privacy gives her the right to sue them for even threatening to investigate.


AB 2223 Eliminates Coroners’ Duties.

The Baby Slayer Bill also eliminates coroners’ duty to investigate abortions and certain pregnancy losses, eliminating the duty to inquire into the cause of a newborn baby’s death. (NOTE 2) The coroner can defer to the physician of record – the abortionist – who “has sufficient knowledge to reasonably state the cause of a death occurring under natural circumstances.”  And that’s where the “causes that occurred in utero” come in.

In fact, the mere threat of investigating the cause of a newborn’s death triggers a brand new civil cause of action with damages starting at $25,000 and attorneys’ fees to help incentive lawyers to take these cases for free. (NOTE 3) 


What is the Baby Slayer Bill Really About?

If AB 2223 is really only about protecting moms from prosecution for the loss of pregnancy prior to birth, as Buffy suggests, why does the bill also protect the people who illegally aid in the deaths of babies? And, why does Buffy cling so tightly to the “perinatal” language which undoubtedly provides protections for those who bring about the death of a baby born alive, so long as the cause can be labeled “in utero” in some way.

What kind of sick bill prevents the proper investigation of the death of an infant born alive? What is there to fear from a proper investigation? And who would support such a law?

Unless your intent is to shield abortionists who are ignoring the law, or protect those who break the law and provide late-term and illegal chemical abortions that maim and kill babies, why would you block proper investigation into the cause of death? IT IS OUTRAGEOUS.

Buffy’s Baby Slayer Bill needs to die a quick death in the Senate with a legislative stake through its black, cold heart.

NOTE 1AB 2223 will add a new section, Section 123467(a) & (b), to the Health and Safety Code.

NOTE 2AB 2223 Section 2 amends Section 27491 of the Government Code.

NOTE 3AB 2223 Section 9 adds Section 123469 to the Health and Safety Code.

Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.