Biden’s Failure to Push Global Abortion

“The United States has rescinded its co-sponsorship and endorsement of the Geneva Consensus Declaration.”

That’s how the Biden Administration announced to 34 international signatories on February 19th that the U.S. is withdrawing from the historic pro-life declaration initiated by the Trump administration and co-sponsored by countries all over the world.

The Geneva Consensus Declaration states that there is no international right to abortion. The Biden Administration disagrees.

“The Biden Administration has stated its commitment to global health, to promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls, the human rights of LGBTQI persons, and to multilateralism,” the letter continues.

“Upon reviewing the Declaration, we have reservations that aspects of the document are not consistent with our current Administration’s policies, including those relating to women’s health, LGBTQI equality, and gender equality.”

“The Biden Administration believes abortion is good for women’s health by ignoring the physical and mental health damage that abortion creates,” says Right to Life League Executive Director Theresa Brennan.

“The administration also believes abortion is good for gender equality, apparently oblivious to the reality of sex-selective abortion, and the resulting dangerous imbalance of newborn sex ratios.”

And that’s not all. The Administration–which has forced taxpayers to fund abortions overseas, removed safety regulations on chemical abortions, announced that body parts from aborted babies may be used in research, and allowed funding to go Title X organizations that promote and support abortion–believes it can manipulate the international community into supporting abortion as some sort of “human right.”

“The right to kill another human is not an international right. It is not a right at all.”

“Fortunately, the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, which met in March, defeated the Biden Administration’s efforts to insert pro-abortion language in its annual agreement.” says Brennan.

For now, Biden’s effort to push international abortions has failed. Let’s keep it that way.