Attack on Our 40 Days for Life Campaign

Our 40 Days for Life campaign is under attack. Our volunteers have encountered women suffering from toxic relationships, financial turmoil, and job insecurity. They also brave anger and mockery from passers-by who don’t understand the sanctity of human life. This week, it got worse.
A motorist pulled over to the curb in front of Pasadena’s Planned Parenthood… and began to harvest every single pro-life sign our team had legally placed in the parkway.
Wisely, our volunteers did not engage with the individual. We have already seen too many news stories of peaceful pro-life activists being abused and assaulted for their views.
They did film the theft — watch the video below — and the League has filed a police report, and plans to prosecute.
A theft in broad daylight is absolutely shocking — it’s fueled by the desire to silence information and to cancel the culture of life.
The good news? The theft is proof that our pro-life outreach is very effective. If the signs don’t work, why steal them?
Now we need your help to replace these signs! Click here to help replace these sign and to support the Right to Life League’s mission to save lives every day.