Together we are saving lives.


Founded in 1967, the Right to Life League is America’s first pro-life organization.
We are an education and service organization dedicated to the support and protection of innocent human life from conception to natural death. We provide administrative, IT, financial, legal, and medical support services to our network of crisis pregnancy clinics, centers, and maternity homes across California.
We exist to defend the God-given gift of life.


The League has been saving lives, changing hearts and minds, and leading the pro-life movement for over 54 years!

In 1967, a group of Los Angeles based doctors, lawyers, and concerned citizens came together to lobby then-governor Ronald Reagan, asking him NOT to sign the first pro-abortion bill in California. Although Reagan had already agreed to sign the bill, after learning about the truth of abortion, he told League founders he would never sign another pro-abortion bill again—and he was true to his word.  

Incorporating in 1969, the League’s goal was to address the needs of women who were faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Since then, the Right to Life League proudly continues to: 

  • educate about the reality of abortion;  
  • support pregnancy help clinics and maternity homes throughout the state; 
  • provide post-abortion healing to women and men to end the cycle of abortion;
  • advocate for life advocacy in the most hostile, anti-life state in the nation.


Each pro-life organization has a unique ministry and personality, and together, we make a powerful team to help women in crisis pregnancy. The Right to Life League is thrilled to partner with these wonderful organizations, whose outreaches range from pro-life education to youth programming, from high-profile events to in-the-trenches networking and planning—all to serve LIFE.  


Vox Vitae is committed to educating, empowering, and spiritually nurturing people to actively be a voice for life—and not just any people. Vox Vitae is making a concerted effort to help educate young Catholics in the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church—and in helping to instruct them in the best, most loving ways to help others understand the truth about the sanctity of life.


OneLife LA unites communities and inspires positive action through an annual event that promotes the beauty and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death.


Through education, science, and reason, Californians for Life recognizes the humanity of the child in the womb and seeks to help women so that ending the life of our children through abortion becomes unthinkable. This organization is a diverse coalition of students, educators, legislative advocates, churches, families, business owners, technology experts, activists, citizens, young and old, of all ethnicities, united together to end abortion in California.


Christian Service 4LIFE is an annual event that draws together thousands of Catholic youth to celebrate life through an exciting program, booths, interactive games, Confession, service opportunities, and more.


Options United operates a centralized call center that serves all non-profit pro-life health centers in California with “one number, one solution.”  The goal is to simplify how a woman with an unplanned pregnancy can find help and get a live referral to the nearest location that offers positive assistance. Options United has also developed the App for Life, uniting churches to these non-profit centers through prayer and donations.