AB 1940 and SB 1375: California Bills Combine to Radically Expand Abortion Access and Reduce Care

AB 1940 and SB 1375: California Bills Combine to Radically Expand Abortion Access and Reduce Care

Beginning in 2023, pro-abortion laws already on the books (AB 890), and proposed bills currently in committee (SB 1375 and AB 1940), may combine to ensure that chemical or surgical abortions can secretly and conveniently take place “without regard to the type of setting or facility,” including on school campuses, both public or private, without parental involvement and without a doctor’s supervision

SB 1375 eliminates Standardized Procedures and Doctor Oversight

SB 1375 does two very bad things.  It expands who can perform abortions without doctor oversight and without standardized procedures.  Physician oversight and standardized procedures are the foundation of quality patient care. 

SB 1375 will allow lesser trained medical professionals to determine fetal “viability” instead of an OB-GYN doctor.  And, shockingly, SB 1375 will allow Nurse Practitioners, mid-wives and Physician Assistants to perform chemical and surgical abortions without standardized procedures and  “without regard to the type of setting or facility” beginning in 2023. 

Yes, that’s right, lesser skilled individuals will administer chemical abortion drugs, perform life-threatening procedures, including surgical abortions with the use of anesthesia, and in any number of settings, including, presumably, rural pop-up clinics, or home health care settings. 

AB 1940 funds School Health Centers

Now look at AB 1940, a bill designed to expand state funding of “school-based health care centers” located at or near public and private grade schools across the state.  AB 1940 specifies that these centers must provide “reproductive health services.” Although the bill does not define that phrase, other California code sections do: “Reproductive health services” means termination of pregnancy.  That includes chemical abortions, the nation’s leading form of abortion service.

SB 1375 permits nurse practitioners or physician assistants to perform reproductive health services “without regard to the type of setting or facility.”  AB 1940 funds reproductive health services in health centers.  Together these bills may radically expand the number of people authorized to adminster chemical abortion drugs to students in schools without doctor oversight and without regard to standardized procures.  This may radically expand abortion services while also radically reducing the level of care for incredibly vulnerable, young students. This is a recipe for disaster!

Assuming both SB 1375 and AB 1940 pass and are signed into law — an almost certain outcome given the Democrat supermajority in the California Legislature — soon physician assistants can date a girl’s pregnancy (fetal viability) and prescribe chemical abortion pills — without constraint of standardized procedures and without doctors’ direct supervision — at these new school-based health centers at or near pubic and private school campuses.  

By passing these bills, our legislators are turning California’s children into a cash crop for abortionists – and at the hands of those charged with protecting and teaching them –  educators.


 Watch retired nurse,  Major Gail Mitchell, oppose SB 1375


Senator Toni Atkins introduced SB 1375. Contact her Capitol Office (916) 651-4039 or her District Office (619) 645-3133.

SB 1375’s principal coauthor is Assembly Member Jim Wood. Contact him at his Capitol Office (916) 319-2002 or at one of his District Offices: Santa Rosa, (707) 576-2526;  Eureka (707) 445-7014; or Ukiah (707) 463-5770.

Susan Swift Arnall, Esq.

Civil Rights attorney for the Unborn, Wife and Mother of 7. Member California State Bar, SAG/AFTRA.