A Helping Hand Can Save Lives

A Helping Hand Can Save Lives

Nearly in tears, Naomi came into the pregnancy medical clinic pushing a double stroller containing a 3-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl.

The woman behind the desk asked if she needed anything for the children, but Naomi shook her head.

“I think I’m pregnant. Again,” she whispered.

The woman behind the desk offered her a free pregnancy test, but Naomi wasn’t sure: would it really cost her nothing? But the woman assured her the test would be absolutely free, so Naomi finally agreed—only to learn that what she’d dreaded was true. She was pregnant.

“I can’t do it,” she muttered, her head buried in her hands. “I’ve got to get an abortion.”

The woman asked if Naomi wanted a free ultrasound, and again, she couldn’t really believe it would be at no charge. But her pregnancy wasn’t far enough along to show very much on the screen, so the woman invited Naomi to return. She was still set on getting an abortion… but she made an appointment to come back to the clinic.

And back she came, about a week later, but it was still too early for the ultrasound to show very much. Staff took the opportunity to tell Naomi about all the services available to her at the center, and yet again, Naomi was in disbelief. No one had ever offered to help her like that.

Once again, Naomi returned to the clinic—this time with her boyfriend. He accompanied her as she underwent another ultrasound. And this time was different: their baby was plainly visible on the screen. Naomi’s demeanor was different, too. She was smiling.

Her boyfriend was thrilled to see his child on the ultrasound. The clinic helped the two of them connect with all the services available to them and their two older children. As they left, they looked excited for the future.

It is stories like this that make our affiliated pro-life pregnancy medical clinics so powerful. What the staff and volunteers at our affiliated clinics offer isn’t complicated, but it’s strong and it’s true: a warm welcome, a helping hand, a clear path to follow.

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