2 Weeks Left!

As we look ahead to Christmas and a much-anticipated New Year, we look back on 2020: a year shadowed by incredible challenges.
But there has also been light among the shadows. Despite a deadly pandemic, many donors have prevailed in supporting the Right to Life League, enabling us to continue fulfilling our mission: to touch the souls and lighten the hearts of women without resources who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.
As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of those who believe in our life-saving mission to help us continue our work. We invite you to be part of all that our affiliate pregnancy clinics do to help women in crisis pregnancies, all that members of the West Coast Maternity Home Association do to support women who choose life for their babies, all that volunteers do to help women heal after abortion, all that we do to help raise awareness of the unborn’s right to life.
Merry Christmas…and let’s all pray for a happier 2021.