David vs. the Abortion Goliath

Last month, Planned Parenthood Federation of America released its 2019-2020 Annual Report—and it may sound surprising, but there was actually significant good news contained within it.

What we noticed:

Customer Growth Has Stagnated
Planned Parenthood used to boast about its growing number of customers; in the 1990s, it consistently reported over 3 million customers a year. In 2006, PPFA hit a high of 3,140,540 unique customers.

This latest annual report shows Planned Parenthood’s customer base has stagnated. It has reported the same number of unique customers, 2.4 million, for the last five years in a row (2014-2018).
This precipitous drop in clientele has caused Planned Parenthood to close 254 centers since 2006.

Donor Numbers Have Dropped
This annual report shows that 590,000 individual donors gave to PPFA in the 2019-2020 fiscal year—the lowest number it has had in five years. This is over 900,000 fewer individual donors than the 1.5 million it reported just two years ago.

Government Support Remains Consistent
In this latest annual report, Planned Parenthood says it received $618.1 million from taxpayers—slightly more than the $616.8 million it reported last year. In fact, Planned Parenthood was able to offset an estimated $60 million loss in taxpayer money from the federal government with additional money it received from states—including the 16 states that pay for abortions with state taxpayer money.

Your Takeaway
Planned Parenthood is a giant, adept at marketing as well as building political alliances… but pro life actions are defeating the giant, just like David’s stones defeated Goliath. Every person and organization who takes part in 40 Days for Life, who supports a maternity home or pregnancy clinic, who shares the truth about the shattering experience of abortion, is another stone that hurts the abortion giant.

Now is the time to keep pushing forward, to share the truth about the inherent dignity of human life and the truth about abortion. Together we are David and we are beating the abortion Goliath.

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